Triple Feature

I’m going off script for this post and doing a triple feature of non-TSPDT movies. What we have here is a mix of movies I wanted to see and ones I randomly found. These are all fairly recent movies and while I don’t feel much like spoiling them, I might hint at things that you could extrapolate on and be able to figure out the endings so read on at your own risk.

Thoroughbreds (2017)


To start things off is the movie I had on my watch list for months, Thoroughbreds. I honestly can’t remember where I found out about this movie or why I wanted to see it for so long. It’s about two teenage girls who make plans… plans for murder! With such a fascinating and original premise, how did this movie turn out? Not great. The most original element of the movie I would say is that one of the girls admits she is basically a sociopath with no emotions and has learned how to fake them to fit in. While this sounds interesting, it was also the downfall of the movie. She says she fakes emotions, but clearly not for the audience because her character was just so flat. I was bored through most of the movie because I couldn’t connect with the characters and what they were doing. There were some some stand out scenes like learning how to fake cry, the step-dad putting one of the girls, Lily, in her place, and the climax in the living room. The other point worth mentioning is how this was Anton Yelchin’s last movie which he was able to finish filming for before he died. It’s sad watching him knowing that he’s gone, but it was at least nice that the movie was dedicated to him in the credits. Seeing his last performance is probably the only reason I’d give to watch this movie. Overall it just wasn’t really worth it.

Verdict: 6.4/10

Every Day (2018)


With that disappointment under my belt, I moved on to the next movie, Every Day. I saw the trailer for this when I went to see Ready Player One in theaters and I’m ashamed to admit it was actually kind of intriguing. It’s one of those teenage dramas based on a novel about a teenage girl who falls for a… thing… named A who wakes up in a different body every morning. It might sound stupid, but honestly I thought it was really well done and emotional. I was hooked right from the start because I found the characters extremely likable and the pacing of the romance felt genuine. There were scenes that made me laugh and ones that destroyed me and had me weeping like a baby. I’ll go ahead and admit that you really need to be able to suspend your disbelief for this movie to work, but I was successful and was able to enjoy it for what it was. It was a cute movie with an extremely likable lead in Angourie Rice and a bittersweet ending.

Verdict: 7.8/10

I Kill Giants (2017)


I wiped away my tears, threw my used kleenex in the trash and moved on to the last movie, I Kill Giants. This movie I knew absolutely nothing about, aside from the one sentence summary which goes something like, “A girl can’t deal with reality and escapes to a fantasy world with giants in it… that she presumably kills.” The first half is extremely similar to The Bridge to Terabithia because you have some kid living in a fantasy world who befriends the new kid at school. There is the evil school bully and friendly non-family adult person in both stories as well. This one however was slightly more boring and hard to follow. Thankfully, half way through the movie things changed for the better. I would say the moment Barbara is talking with the councilor and she asks her about baseball is when things start to get interesting. What does baseball mean to her? Why does it freak her out so much? These are the questions I was craving the answers to and it pulled me through to the end. Sadly, and I seriously mean that, I had to pull out my kleenex for the answers I got. The last act is pretty sad and Madison Wolfe who plays Barbara did a fantastic job. She was really the stand out in this movie and I think more than anything it was a showcase for a hopeful new talent. It’s not the most original story and at times it’s a little too slow for my taste, but the acting was good and it drew out some good emotions at the end.

Verdict: 6.9/10

Well that ends my triple feature of random new movies. One common thread I noticed is that they all feature female leads which I can definitely get behind. I love men, but it’s just so much easier relating to female characters for me. Perhaps that didn’t turn into great verdicts for these movies, but I think overall I was entertained and wouldn’t call it a waste of a day. For my next planned post I’m going to clear out the review backlog I have and do another triple feature of TSPDT. Not only will it be TSPDT, but coincidentally they all center on male leads. These movies averaged a 7/10 verdict… come on back and find out how the men do!


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